s ago Amish women would save all their old clothes. Sometimes they would cut them apart into strips and take them to the carpet weaver who would weave them into carpets. The ladies put these carpets into their “Sitz Stubb” or sitting room, the most formal room of the house.  

The “Sitz Stubb” would be used only on Sundays for company. Heirlooms, fine furniture, and other unique items would be displayed in this room. A lot of “Sitz Schtubbe” have a corner cupboard, or “Eckschank.” This Eckschank holds fine china that had been given as wedding or Christmas presents, or maybe a souvenir from a trip to Florida. Today many Amish do not have a formal “Sitz Stubb,” but some still do.

The Stoltzfus Carpet Shop is one place that still makes these carpets for Amish people. They also make beautiful rugs and table runners from new material. Recently I visited the shop. They allowed me to go upstairs to see the huge looms. Dozens of spools of thread on the back of the loom looked like a maze, but somehow the skilled weavers figure out which ones go where and turn out sturdy rugs, carpets, place mats, and table runners. My favorite are the shag rugs which would look lovely in a bathroom.

Downstairs the Amish men also make straw brooms. Honey-colored brooms in various stages of the process were scattered throughout the room. One machine did the final step – trimming the broom to the exact size. A tiny little kids’ broom costs only $7.00. If you want a genuine, made-in-Lancaster souvenir, this is definitely the place to get it. If you ask, you might even be allowed to see the looms upstairs!

Find this neat little shop at 39B Pequea Valley Road, Kinzers, PA 17535   Wholesale and Retail 717-442-8411