When I was about ten years old, my Amish grandmother and grandfather gave me a handsome tiny treasure chest for Christmas. A talented carver must have carved the intricate pattern on the lid of the chest.

Likely Grandpa bought it at Ten Thousand Villages, which was a fair trade organization long before fair trade became a buzzword. I have to wonder if he bought it only because he thought it was beautiful, or because he liked the concept of fair trade.


At any rate, it is one of my treasures. Today it has a prominent place in the guest room. I will not part with it easily, despite the fact that I am becoming more and more of a minimalist as I get older. Sturdy and well-put-together, it looks almost as beautiful as the day Grandpas gave it to me.


Well-crafted toys made to stand the test of time are not easy to find. Lapp’s Toys is one business that makes toys that are made to last. I visited their shop one day and was impressed by the sturdy trucks and cars and pull toys and dollhouses and miniature furniture.


A family of three boys works together to make these quality toys. Their toys have become so popular that sometimes two guys that are not part of the family also help.


These toys are not cheap, but I have a suspicion they will outlast most mass-produced toys. A pink dollhouse with a spiral staircase and intricate furniture costs $573. A cute 15” high chairs-and-table-set costs $56.95. An amazing car carrier with six wooden cars costs $64.95.


There are cheaper options as well. A small log truck or a horse pull-toy costs $19.95. Little wooden animals are $2.95 each. A little car is $6.95. A small horse and buggy is $15.95. Perhaps someday your children or grandchildren will proudly display one of these toys!


Visit Lapp’s Toys at 2220 Horseshoe Rd., Lancaster, PA 17601.