The Speaking Amish books are hot off the press! My Dad and I just picked them up at Masthof Printing this morning. If you have been wanting to learn Pennsylvania German, this book is the perfect place to start. It has easy-to-read charts and clear instructions to help make learning Pennsylvania German achievable for anyone. Thousands of people can speak Pennsylvania German, so why can’t you?


If you already know Pennsylvania German, this book will give you a fascinating tour of the language. Even though I spoke Pennsylvania German all my life, I had not studied it formally until I started working on the book. I was intrigued as I analyzed its grammar and structure. It is truly a fascinating language. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


People that have seen the proof of the book really enjoy the pictures. They portray a genuine view of the Amish culture and add a touch of realism.


This book is available on this website under the Speaking Amish Book tab. If you live in Lancaster County and don’t want to pay shipping, I hope to soon have a list of bookstores and other stores where you can purchase it. The first case is already at Amish Village, where my Mom is a tour guide J. Oh, I forgot, the VERY first case is at Masthof Bookstore, the people who produced my book.