What is your Amish hat I.Q.? Answer the following questions to find out.


1.        An Amish man wears a black hat

a.       to thrash wheat

b.      to work in the field in the summer

c.       for church in the winter or in the field in the winter


2.       Hats with a crease are worn by

a.       teenage boys and younger men

b.      grandfathers

c.       preachers


3.       Most Amish straw hats in Lancaster County

a.       come from Mexico

b.      are hand made by the Amish

c.       are worn by both boys and girls


4.       Hats with extra wide brims are worn by

a.       young boys in their Rumspringa years

b.      a man who married in the past year

c.       preachers and more conservative older men


5.       A quality black Amish hat costs

a.       about $25

b.      about $85

c.       about $100


6.       Amish black hats

a.       are imported from Portugal

b.      are hand made by the Amish

c.       are usually much cheaper than straw hats


7.       A handmade straw hat in Lancaster County costs

a.       about $15 – $20

b.      about $40 – $50

c.       less than $10


8.       An Amish man wears a straw hat

a.       only during the week and never for church

b.      in the winter

c.       during the week and to church in the summer


Check the answers below and add up your correct answers to see how you rate.


1 – 5 correct: You must be “English”

6 – 7 correct:  You are likely ex-Amish

8 correct: You are Amish and shouldn’t be on the internet


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Answers to Amish hat quiz:

1. c         2. a        3. b         4. c         5. b         6. a         7. a         8. c