Every once in awhile, I come across a place on the back roads of Lancaster County and think, “Wow, I wish the tourists could see this!”

One such place is “The Amish General Store.” I had to make up the name because it doesn’t have one. I drove in the long lane, past the barn and up to the house, where a red OPEN sign hung on the porch door.

Inside the big farm house is the quaintest combination of wares I have ever seen. A bed full of beautiful quilts in one corner displays a knitted wool blanket across its foot. Gently worn Amish dresses, shirts, pants, and bonnets hang from pegs on the wall. $5.00 says the sign on a little girl’s pink dress. Tiny braided rugs peek out from under the table.

Homemade potpie noodles share the table with homemade lye soap and honey and Amish cookbooks. “Homemade Fiber Balls,” a sign declares. On the other side of the room, tiny candles share the space with a fascinating assortment of flea market items, including a four inch flowery porcelain toilet on top of a cake stand.

A carved man plowing with horses costs $525. That might just be the most expensive item here. A Country Love or Country Bride appliquéd quilt sells for only $425, and wall hangings start at $75. For tightwads, a homemade fiber ball costs only fifty cents.

On the porch, antique quilts and crocheted blankets hang on racks. Holly hock seeds and castor beans fill a basket on the ledge. Intriguing merchandise squeezes into every nook and cranny.

I asked the woman of the house if she gets a lot of business. She told me she doesn’t advertise, and she doesn’t get as much business as she would like.

Well, here is my unofficial advertisement. Plug in your GPS and find the store at 3223 W. Newport Road, Ronks, PA 17572, and discover some hidden treasure!