How much do you know about Lancaster County Amish? Answer the following questions to find out.


1.       A traditional Lancaster County Amish wedding meal consists of

a.       roast beef, noodles with brown butter, peas, tossed salad, shoo-fly pie, tapioca

b.      mashed potatoes, chicken, stuffing, cooked celery, cole slaw, pie, cake, pudding, fruit

c.       chicken pot-pie, potato salad, green beans, apple dumplings, homemade ice cream

2.       A white cape and apron is worn

a.       for church services by girls aged 9 until they are married

b.      for cooking and baking

c.       married women until they have grandchildren

3.       Beards are worn by

a.       all married men

b.      all men who have been baptized (church members)

c.       all males twenty years old or older

4.       You can tell an Amish woman is married if

a.       she is wearing a white cap

b.      she is standing beside her husband

c.       she is wearing a brown leather bracelet

5.       You can recognize an Amish house by

a.       the lack of shutters

b.      the white mailbox

c.       the green pull curtains

6.       Amish are prohibited from

a.       going on a subway

b.      flying in an airplane

c.       using Amtrak

7.       The majority of Amish people live 

a.       on farms

b.      in small villages

c.       in rural areas

8.       Lancaster County Amish are not allowed to

a.       go to hospitals

b.      draw human faces

c.       use bicycles

Check the answers below and add up your correct answers to see how you rate.


1 – 5 correct: Your next trip should be to Lancaster County

6 – 7 correct:  You live in Lancaster County

8 correct:  You read a lot of Amish novels


Answers for Lancaster County Amish quiz:


1. b         2. a        3. a         4. b         5. c         6. b         7. c         8. c

My family thought #4 was odd. It’s kind of a trick answer. There is really no way to tell if an Amish woman is married unless you ask her. If she is standing beside her husband, you will know she is married (of course you have to know it’s her husband). Wording it differently might have been helpful. Thankfully, getting it wrong doesn’t affect your GPA or anything like that, so I’m sticking with my answer :-).